Share your professional experience within your field with teens in your community!  

On September 27th, 2024 teens from the Wheaton area will come to your business to learn from you about your profession. Share your professional experience and provide an unforgettable learning opportunity to encourage youth insight in their future career and what comes with being a professional in your field.


Read more about our pilot program here and in the attached documents.


Wheaton schools have September 27th off of school. We do not expect professionals to fill the entire day, however we ask you to spend at least half of the day with your assigned teens. Teens want to see what your day to day looks like in the workplace. This could include sitting in and observing or them having a hands on experience, that is at your discretion.


If you are interested in participating please place an application at this link.


We will do our best to place everyone with teens, however, it will be based on the interest we receive from the teens based on job fields.

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