Support Provided

Some of the many ways DuCAP works with communities

Community Organizing

  • Recruit & organize Adult support teams (committees) and Youth planning teams (committees)
  • Organize volunteers to plan & run activities, programs, events and clubs while also assisting them with building a solid infrastructure to maintain as a support unit while also possibly growing to new locations and or new activities.
  • Foster community involvement in improving the quality and health of neighborhood life
  • Establish volunteer committees to serve as a formal advisors for communities
  • Recruit participants
  • Recruit professional speakers and/or skilled talent
  • Provide positive role models & constructive activities in order to mold a safer & more productive community
  • Organize & coordinate volunteers, partners, and supporters that can and/or may provide support by actively responding to the needs & concerns of the community
  • Recruit & organize local residents to develop & become involved in the promotion of positive youth development activities

Consulting & Assistance

  • Secure a venue, space, and/or location to host an activity, event, program, etc.
  • Develop & implement direct services programs, clubs, events, and activities that positively engage youth in their local communities
  • Increase youth participation in programs and activities
  • Create and/or enhance opportunities for youth to make positive choices while building character
  • Technical assistance
  • Secure donations, sponsorships, or funding sources to cover costs for materials, supplies, etc. 
  • Assist participants, volunteers, and supporters in identifying and utilizing available resources
  • Marketing and promotion of activities, events, programs, etc.
  • Design of an activity and/or program
  • Training and/or screening (background check, etc.) for volunteers
  • Support efforts to alleviate conditions that put youth at risk

Community Advocacy

  • Serve as an advocate on behalf of youth & adult residents within the community & its established areas
  • Recognize the needs & concerns of individuals and communities to advocate for programs, services, and consideration to ensure that neighborhoods are healthy environments to live in

Current Communities / Service Areas

  • Bensenville
  • Bolingbrook
  • Glendale Heights
  • Romeoville
  • Villa Park
  • Wheaton