Support Needed

Some of the many ways DuCAP gains support from the community


  • Enhance opportunities, services, etc. available
  • Get youth feedback for your Organization
  • Promote & market for your organization
  • Know what youth want/need
  • Increase youth attendance/participation


  • Help alleviate financial needs that come with running programs, events, activities, etc.
  • Help us continue to offer programs, events, and activities to participants & their families for FREE


  • Help cover the costs of programs, events, activities, etc.


  • Support the youth’s ideas & efforts
  • Help facilitate activities, programs, events, etc.
  • Be a role model for participants
  • Serve on committee(s)


  • Interact and participate in events, programs, and activities
  • Invite others to join you!
  • Share your experiences & how they’ve benefited you


  • Enhance public awareness of DuCAP’s mission
  • Discover potential sites within DuPage and Will Counties that would benefit from our services


  • Establish facilities for developing sites
  • Provide supplies / materials
  • Provide facilities / venue space for programs, events, and/or activities
  • Provide references / referrals of services to participants

Board of Directors

  • Evaluate performance
  • Ensure Effective Organizational Planning
  • Ensure Adequate Resources
  • Manage Resources Effectively
  • Determine and Monitor DuCAP Programs and Services
  • Enhance DuCAP’s Public Image


  • Recruit, motivate, retain, and educate local volunteers to be actively involved in planning and/or implementing activities, events and/or programs for youth between the ages of 11-17.
  • Help achieve successful outcomes
  • Maintain a functioning line of communication between volunteers, participants and supporters within the service area.

A huge thank you to our supporters