DuCAP offers the following services:

  • Community Organizers
  • Advocates for Communities
  • Youth Leadership Programs
  • Neighborhood Resource Experts

DuCAP has developed a community initiative called IMPACT, which stands for Igniting Meaningful Partnerships and Activities for our Community’s Teens. IMPACT provides resources, services, and opportunities for parents and youth ages 11-17 to get involved and make an IMPACT in their community.

“Working together as a group of local residents within a specific neighborhood to create and maintain a safe and healthy environment.” Volunteer IMPACT Committees are comprised of primarily local residents including representation by one or more leaders of established community institutions.

This group meets to identify problems within their neighborhood. As a group, they work together and complete a Neighborhood Needs Assessment as well as a Resource Assessment. This data is then reviewed to confirm the neighborhood problems. Throughout the year the committee prioritizes the problems and discusses ways to remedy them. Often this results in direct service events for youth and adults, connecting their community with resources, providing educational guest speakers, classes, and workshops, and bringing in or working together to provide services to their community.

MBS, also known as Mind, Body, Soul, is a creation of DuCAP that is designed to be a teen girl mentoring and leadership club. The club offers a safe space for teen girls to participate in life skill projects and activities in an effort to improve their self-confidence, etiquette, and body- image. There are often workshops, speakers, and activities that cover topics such as: motivation, creating goals, physical activity & sports, healthy eating, citizenship, etiquette and manners, gender roles, mental health, professionalism, cosmetics, social media, and much more.

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