Our Accomplishments & Testimonials

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James

DuCAP is proud of what we’ve achieved in our community, and are prouder still of what more there is to come.

Our Year End Report

(July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022)

Total Direct Service Youth Participants
Youth Program Hours
Total Adult Participants
Volunteers (direct service programs, fundraising, office support, community organizing)
Volunteer Hours
Volunteer Hours Value (Hours x $25.43)
Total #of Partnerships w/ Other Agencies
In-Kind Donations (spaces for programs / events, snacks, supplies, gym equipment, toys, office furniture, etc.)
Community Improvement Events (recycling, cleaning, planting, building, food pantry, animal shelters, etc.)
Organizing Activities (Neighborhood Action Club, community organizing)
Advocacy Activities (participation in community implemented events)
Direct Service Activities (tutoring, mentoring, etc.)


“The ICE Program” has brought huge changes in my son’s life; good grades, leadership skills, good moral and socially as well.  DuCAP ICE is really changing our children into better leaders in the community.”

Charles A.

“My daughter has been coming to [DuCAP programs] since the 8th grade and I have participated in her relationship building. Community Programs like this one keep children and parents involved and invested in their education so that they have a bright future ahead.”

Normarel G.

“DuCAP at Marain Park Community Center has positively impacted me and my family because I have learned new life skills and have improved my grades.”

Marian M.

“The Mentoring Club at Highpoint has given me ways to cope with problems. I feel supported there and it helps me deal with family problems.”


“When my son started going to [DuCAP programs] his attitude has changed and he is more interested in school work and he is happier.”

Linda D.

“What I like about Builders Club is that I get to help people that don’t have anything and I take all the time I have to be a better citizen to everybody. Builders Club is helping me become a much better person.”

Rich P.

“Special thanks to you and your FIRE Program for the assist at the Arts Center this week.  That’s genuine Community and walking the talk!”

Mike V.

“I’ve never met someone who put so much of their time into giving back and helping kids.  So coach, I just wanted to say thank you.”


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